Can’t seem to get enough

Tim and I are going to Paris next tuesday, and today we found out that we will be correspondents for P3 Planet. A radio show for the swedish radio. Yes, we surely are excited, and we will definitely be rocking.

Whenever I think about this summer, my whole body starts to purr. It’s gonna be an awesome one. I have found an italian musician that offer me his italian couch (although I think it said Ikea on his CS-profile which actually would make the couch swedish) in Milano and I get to sit by during an interview with an italian band. A local band i believe. The guy himself is in a band called deluded by lesbians.

We still need to find someone to host us in Paris though, we’ve received a lot of “no, I’ll be traveling myself” and I guess that’s just normal when you use a network full with fellow travelers. The downside with couch surfing I suppose.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are mainly men willing to host in Paris. I don’t get it at all. Where are all women? How can CS be so tremendously dominated by men?


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