Summer plans

Here is what the summer of 2011 will look like:

14th june: I’m flying to Paris with a friend for three days, coming back to Sweden the 18th.
The plan is: chech out some old architecture, the Louvre, markets, sit on the street with a guitar, a voice and a black hat earning money for food and water. Learn a little bit french. Couch surfing.

16th july: I’m meeting Jiaxin in Italy. From there we will hitch-hike through south France to Madrid and I’m flying back to Sweden the 24th from there.
The plan is: meet interesting and fun people, learn a lot (and a little bit more french), swim in the ocean and try some surfing if we get the opportunity. Couch surf. Have FUN.

The time in between (and a couple of weeks after): work. work. work. A lot.

15th august: meeting Jiaxin in Sweden again, if she gets her VISA extended, and hitch-hike all over north Sweden.

2-3rd september: going to Hamburg and Berlin with a friend to see The Ark before they split up forever.

Then: School. I’m gonna start writing my thesis, and hopefully I will be off to Kenya in november to do my field-studies. More about that is to come.


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