The christian meeting

Saturday, 21st may.

There were thousands of people gathered at Kungsträdgården. Pastors were standing on the stage, praying, singing. People waved their hands in the air, some rocking back and forth. A moment of silence. A prayer. Everyone bent down on their knees. A female pastor on stage said a prayer and thousands of voices joined her. I was standing up. In front of me: people kneeling towards the stage. In my ears: “Jesus loves you. We love him back. Jesus, we are ready. We are waiting for you.”

I kneeled. I looked at the people around me. People deeply immersed in prayer. Fascinating. I looked in front of me. A 50 SEK note on the ground, between two feet. How would they react if I walked over there and picked it up, took it without asking who’s it was? I was thinking, what would happen? I took a picture of it. Stood up and walked over to the pond. The fountains. Looked for Jiaxin somewhere in the crowd.
Listen to Koffes and Johannes telling their story on how they met God here.


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