Saturday night

As the people started to leave Kungsträdgården we met a friend of mine, Kim, by the fountain. He’s a professional guide (lucky us!) and we walked to the old town to buy ice cream. That’s the only money we spent on the whole trip: 40 SEK on an ice cream.
Kim told us about the city, the castle, city hall and some history of Sweden. We bought ice cream cones with balls of ice cream in different flavours; chocolate, vanilla, “dammsugare” (punchrulle), melon, raspberry and licorice. We walked down to the water by Riddarholmen where we sat down and enjoyed the moment. The sun was shining from up above, the rays heating our skin. The water gulped and boats went by creating waves that slowly faded out towards us, making a glippy-glipp sound underneath the pier we sat on.

We walked to Medborgarplatsen, Kim telling us about “Södern” – Södermalm. It’s been the place to be for as long as I remember, hipp and lots to do. I found a beautiful white flower on the street, it smelled as heaven itself. I put it behind me ear. We sat down in a park and ate an evening meal. Melon, celery, tomatoes, bread and yoghurt.

We walked to Mariedalsparken, amazed by the view of Stockholm. Kim pointed out the old town, the churches, ice cream place, Riddarholmen, the castle and city hall. It felt as if it was the first time I was there, even though I knew a big part of the city already from living there, but now my eyes widened. My horizon grew and I could see the beauty of Stockholm.
We crossed the long bridge and met some old classmates at Rålandshovsparken. I haven’t seen any of them for three years. We sat in the grass, talking about traveling and adventures. We went to a play ground and had a spin in something that looked a bit like a squirrel wheel. One had to lie double bended in the cylinder, and the others spun the wheel around. It was a really cheap drunk. Without a hangover.

After a few hours my friend Tintin joined us. We jumped onto the subway, said good bye to Jiaxin at the central station (she would meet an old friend) and went to the old town. We sat down at a pub called Tunnan, inspired from the middle-age situated in a basement. The staff dressed in period costumes, serving mead. Everything was breathing middle-age, except for the visitors.

I spent the night at Tintins’ place, at the bus station on our way there we met yet another old classmate. Renzo suddenly stood in front of us, I really didn’t expect to see him there. Unpredictable meetings are the best.


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