Travel story – Machu Picchu

A short notice on what to keep in mind during a 4 days walk in the peruvian wilderness.

A girl once told me about her trip to Machu Picchu, the great pre-Columbian 15th century Inca site in Peru.
Before the 4 day walk she was told to get a carrier for her bag. She said “no no. Don’t you think I can carry my own bag?” After a few hours they reached a village, and she was exhausted. Her guide found her a carrier and she happily handed him her bag. He quickly ran off with the other carriers, leaving the tourists behind.

As she arrived in the camp the same evening the carrier was sitting by the fire and her bag was safely in her tent. The next day the sun was shining as the carrier went off for the next campsite. As the tourists continued their walk everything was fine, but after a few hours some raindrops fell down the sky.
A short while later the rain was pouring as it does in the peruvian wilderness, and her rainwear was in the bag. She asked her guide if the carriers was far ahead of them, maybe she could run to get her rainwear.
“They are probably already at the campsite” he said.
“And how long before we’re there?”
“About four hours.”

As they arrived at the campsite her bag was in the tent, dry and safe. She was soaking wet and it took the rest of the journey for her shoes to dry.

Always keep your rainwear close to you, and an investment in good waterproof shoes is worth the cost.


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