When religion is overpowering

Saturday is Judgement Day. Mankind will be judged, and whether we have been good or not does not matter. It is those who has accepted Jesus in their hearts that will be brought back to Heaven – by Jesus himself. He will come down to earth once again and save those who have accepted his existence in their hearts, from the disaster that will destroy Earth.

If you are good or bad does not matter – Jesus loves all that has accepted him.

I used to attend christian camps in South Africa. One of them was called “son rise camp” and the main quest of the pastors was to make sure that all children knew about Judgement Day, and saved themselves by accepting Jesus.
There were services many times a day. We would pray and sing. Talk about how Jesus makes our lives beautiful and worth living. How he helps us. Once every camp there was a opportunity to accept Jesus in the heart. The pastor would smear oil on everyone’s forehead and say a few words. Then the acceptance was complete.

I am not a christian believer, I do not believe in Judgement Day and I do not believe that Jesus is the son of God no more than us other people.
Lots of my fellow camp-friends would dismiss me for saying that.

I never accepted Jesus in my heart, nor did I find a belief in the holiness of Jesus and I never changed my prayers. But I did develop an understanding for radical believers and religious conviction.
Today, when Judgement Day is so close, I can feel the vibration in the air. Not the vibration of Jesus coming, but the vibration of prayers and excitement, fright and relief. People are whispering, talking, screaming. Souls are searching.

What will happen on saturday? Sunday? Will millions of christians wake up to the same world as they thought they would leave, and how will that feel within them? What will happen to christianity when people wake up, having to realize Jesus never came? Will there be a string of hope whispering that he will come, but the time isn’t here yet? Will there be people giving up their belief?

How will Judgement Day affect society?
Will we even notice it?

TIME about J-D.
Expressen om J-D.

On saturday I will be in Stockholm. Let’s see what happens.


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