Surfing Kristianstad

Yesterday morning I went by train to Kristianstad. I was trying on the job at the paper there and meeting the people that in a few weeks time will be my new colleagues. At least for a while.
The trip takes about an hour and I didn’t feel like going back and forth both days as I have to wake up very early and come home very late. So I decided to couchsurf. I searched for the city and found 9 couches. It’s not a lot, but I was hoping that at least one would say yes. So I wrote down a few words and sent a message to all of them.
The first reply was no. The second was “no, but this girl lives in town and she is very helpful, give her a call and say hello from me!” I called her, but no “I’m leaving for Greece, I’m sorry..” the third one: “no”. It continued like that and I almost lost my hope. Until finally, when there was only two people left to answer I got a message.
“You can stay with us.”
The words gave me the feeling they have been taken straight from a song about hope, lost hope, found hope and happiness.

After work I went to their home and rang the door bell. It turned out to be two girls in the same age as me, studying in Kristianstad. I’ve lent my sound recorder so there was no interview. But we had a very nice evening and I might be able to borrow their flat while they’re away in summer since I’m gonna be in town for work. Watering flowers is one of my specialties (just don’t ask my flowers, they often suffer when I go traveling).

I woke up this morning feeling much more energized than yesterday, thankful for the sleep and not having to wake up two hours earlier to go to the train station.
Tomorrow Jiaxin and I will start our second hitch-hikinh adventure.


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