Freedom to report

The BBC article about freedom for journalists to report made me thinking. How will this affect us when traveling? I want to travel as a reporter, tell the world about what is going on in the places where I go.
The other question I have, is how can we affect the people we meet when traveling as reporters? I live to inspire people, and already during our trip to Amsterdam did I realize that people inspire each other just by being alive. By talking about life and different aspects that we meet while living our lives. We are being shaped every day. One day you might think that you’ve got your shape now, but then suddenly you meet someone that starts messing around with your thoughts. Afterwards you realize that you’ve been steeped in their soul and suddenly your shape is starting to change again.

How can we affect people – citizens, journalists and politicians – while traveling? I noticed in Morocco that everyone I met were very eager to talk about their way of living and their view on religion, specifically Islam. We all think the same, but some ethnic groups has been misunderstood by a large group of the society. How can we change that? By talking about it. By never leaving our shapes rigid, but shapeable. By keeping our minds open.


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