the Bamako Challenge

Remember my post about the Bamako Challenge a while ago? I had a few obstacles. First of all, I needed a partner. Second, I needed a car.
I can now inform you, dear reader, that I have a partner. And we are very close to finding a car. There is actually one already, but before we make the final decision we are checking if there might be another one out there, the perfect one. What we want is something like this:
We live in a world where not much is for free, but if you despite that know someone that has a 4×4 and would like to give it to us, or sell it very cheap, we are interested.

We are also looking for companies that would sponsor us. We will put stickers on our car that will be seen by people in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali.

We will drive about 7500 km, and in Bamako we will give the car to Rotary who will organise an auction and all money gained from it will be used for drilling wells, schools and building homes. We will continue south all the way to South Africa, how we will get there we don’t know, but we will get there.

I have been thinking about the risks we will put ourselves into. No one has been kidnapped in the area of Mauritania and Mali for the past 18 months as far as I know, and I have not heard more about the bomb in Marrakech almost a week ago. The swedish foreign ministry hasn’t updated their information about Mauritania for long, their info about Mali was updated in february. Because they advise not to go to any of those two countries at all, no one will provide us with an insurance. But I guess that’s not very important anyway, if something threatens our lives we should be happy to be alive and not be sad because we didn’t get any money from our insurance company.


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