the Tattoo

I’ve been looking for someone with tattoos that has a story to tell, and I am happy to tell you that Andreas had an amazing story. He made his tattoo as a grave for his sister. Take a few moments to listen.

Nu har jag sett det…. Jättefint gjort, jag vet ju vad jag sagt men, när jag hör mina egna ord beskriva händelsen blir jag tårögd igen…. Idag är årsdagen när hon var hemma sista gången. Sista april 2006 kördes hon akut till Uppsala sjukhus och kom aldrig mer hem.

Du får mer än gärna använda dig av den, du har min välsingelse… Tack – Andreas

The story that this clip does not fable is the story about his second tattoo which you can see in the video. A person throwing away his broken heart saying “I don’t want it anymore.” It is a story about the heartache and depression coming after loosing someone dear, and getting tired of the sickness deciding to change the life, live it and fulfill it.
I am very grateful that I met this person. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, and letting me spread them out.
With all my love, Monica.

Music: Tori Amos, Winter


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