Hitch-hiking, 4

As I woke up this morning I had to realize that is should be time for a shower. My hair was crazy dirty and I am pretty sure that I have smelled a lot better in my days. So I filled two bottles with water and went into the shower rooms at the camping. The showers cost money, but to enter the rooms is for free. So I bend down and poured some water over my head. The shampoo smelled amazing and as I laid down in the grass to enjoy the sun (30 degrees in the air!) to let it dry, and maybe catch some more colour from those poisonous rays coming from the sun, I fell in love with the moment there and then.

As I was still asleep in the van someone from the camping had knocked on the door. He told Andreas that we had to move the van into the camping and check in, or else the police would give us a 200 euro fine.

While the rest of us were still asleep he moved the bus into the camping, and we got new neighbors. They were from Denmark and had a cat in a leash, miaowing to me as I lay in the sun. The grass and all leaves on the trees were bright green, the sky blue and the the sun made the whole world glitter. We checked out at noon and went back to Germany.

The boys wanted to go shopping (Jiaxin and myself are living for free, therefor nothing for us) so we entered a city called O something, eight letters. We drove around for an hour or so before we found a shopping mall. As we did, Jiaxin and I decided to spend a few euros on a cake, it is Farids 18th birthday tomorrow and we want to give him something.

I went into a grocery store and bought a tart case, chocolate and whipped cream.
So much for our free living, but it felt very good to give something back to the boys for all they had given us. As I went back to the van the others were gone and the van was locked. So I sat down on the pavement and started making the cake. I had a stanley knife in my bag so using that one I started spreading the chocolate on the tart case. The people walking by looked strangely at me, but no one asked why I was sitting there.

Eventually two of Idiåterna came back, and I was told to go inside to Andreas. We were supposed to get something vegetarian for the barbecue later that night. Andreas bought zucchini and vegetarian Falun sausage, and tomato.

We stopped for the night in-between Hamburg and the danish border. We lit two one-time grills and made skewers with vegetables. The meat-eaters had meat sausage. We said our cheers for the journey, company and Farid’s birthday with wine and a lot of laughing. Jiaxin tried to teach Umud how to speak chinese, and chii-waa-waaaaa will always stay in our memories. Idiåterna knows what I’m talking about.

After midnight, as Farids birthday finally arrived, I put 18 candles on the chocolate cake and Farid blew them all in one blow. Tonight was the last night we all spent together. The end of our first hitch-hiking experience were coming to an end.


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