Hitch-hiking, 1

Me and my friend Jiaxin are hitch-hiking to Paris – just to have a croissant for breakfast. This is our story.

We lost our way in Malmö while looking for the bridge. It’s the largest bridge in Sweden, so it shouldn’t be so hard to loose but we did. As we stopped and asked a woman for directions, she offered to drive us to the last exit of the high way to get onto the bridge, she said it’s too long to walk and we looked tired. Tired and crazy.

Her name was Margareta and she drove us to the last exit, and we didn’t walk more than 15 meters before Arne and Kate from Denmark stopped and asked us if we wanted to ride with them. We didn’t even have to stick our thumbs up!

They come from Faxe, a few kilometres south of Copenhagen. Arne told us that he picked up some hitch hikers from Finland and Sweden thirty years ago, they slept at their house and promised to keep in touch, but never did.

Now, seven years ago, a boy came up onto their lawn and said “I think I have been here before.” It was the hitch-hiker, he was travelling by and stopped to see if Arne still lived there.
Arne and Kate asked us where we were going. “Paris, to have breakfast. We want a croissant and a cup of coffee.” we said, and they told us that Paris is where they went for their honey moon twentyfive years ago. I find it so inspiring to hear about people sticking together for so long, and still look happy.

They took us to a halting-place south of Copenhagen where lots of cars stopped to fill for petrol and eat before heading to Germany, so it would be a good place for us to get a ride into the large country in the south. We met three other hitch hikers, going back to Germany from Christania. We talked for a while and decided to help each other to find a ride. After maybe one hour of eating carrots one of them came up to us and said they’d been talking to some people in the white minivan, they had space for two hitch hikers and were going to Berlin.

It turned out they were swedish. Four swedish boys going on a road trip with no real goal – either Berlin or Amsterdam. So now we’re on the road in Germany with four strangers in a minivan, and we already feel like one big family.


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