Cultural exploration

A while ago a friend of me hosted a dinner party at her house. We cooked together to make a real chinese – swedish food exchange, and a culture exchange.
As we all sat in a ring on the floor, feasting on vegan sushi, soup, cheese cakes and more, my friend told a story from last fall:

her: “Don’t you kill ducks in Sweden?”
me: “Not really. Well I guess farmers that have ducks could kill one once in a while for the family’s dinner, why?”
her: “I mean the wild ones.”
me: “No, not if they’re not a threat to someone. In my hometown we once shot a bunch of gees that poisoned the lake with the poop.”
her: “Ah… well a friend of my friend killed a duck, he found it in the pond here in Lund. He killed it and ate it. Not raw of course, he brought it home and cooked it. His flatmates found feathers in the bin and asked him why there were feathers there. He told them what he did, and they told the landlord. He was sent back to China for that.”
me: “So he just took it from the pond and killed it? Do you do that in China?”
her: “Yes, we eat duck. If we find one and we want it, we kill it and cook it.”

In Sweden, you don’t kill animals like that. First, you need a license to kill. Then, you’re not allowed to walk around and kill animals as you like it, there are rules and you’re only allowed to kill certain animals during certain periods. As for moose, you’re only allowed to kill moose during the moose hunting period in fall, the same with other animals. Furthermore only a certain amount of animals are allowed to get killed during one hunting period.

That guy really explored and challenged the swedish culture: we don’t accept animal abuse, and there is a wide range of what is regarded as animal abuse. He learned it the hard way.


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