a Circus

Today I did a job about the circus that’s come to town. I wrote about the excitement that spread through all the children. I watched. I felt. I thought.
The clothes makes half the circus, what would the acrobats be without their tight blue dresses with glittering silver stripes? Then again, that old discussion, what is a clown without its nose? These clowns had human noses, a little make up and not far too big shoes. Still they were funny, the children loved them. Especially when they threw water at each other.

The jumping acrobats, making tricks in the air, makes it look so easy. Oh, what special is that? My mother has a bouncy thing, I could do that next summer. But then, I remembered. I tried. I’ve tried many times. It is not easy at all, not even making one spin in the air is as easy as it may look. They are professionals and their bodies are so strong. I admired them, as they swung themselves in the air.

The clown lost its pants while in the air. The children laughed.

There was a horse. A large white horse with black spots. His mouth smiled, snorting with his lips vibrating, at the audience. His eyes had a veil of sadness, like floating over the iris. But still I can not see any signs of the torture of animals at circuses that the movie Earthlings tells us about, I do not see what the animal rights activists are talking about.

One of the clowns play over the rainbow with a saxophone, one of my favorite tunes. There is a very nice version made by Melody Gardot that more than often is played in my home, putting an atmosphere of calmness and silence and relaxation between my walls. Shutting out the world outside. The same feeling struck me as I sat there, surrounded by children, in the big tent with stripes. I want to get behind the scenes, what is driving these people to go on and on? What do they think about animal abuse?


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